Initial Setup 02 - Adding Subjects

Before setting up your timetable, you will need to set up your subjects.

Tap the + button to add a new subject.

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Give the Subject a name, e.g. Maths

Tap on Colour to choose a colour to help identify the Subject in the timetable - choose different colours for different subjects!

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Add a Teacher for the Subject - Add a new Teacher or choose from the list if the Teacher has already been added.

When adding a Teacher, enter their name, email, twitter address and notes if you wish.

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Tap Done to add the teacher to the Subject you’re creating.

More than one Teacher can be added for each Subject. When you create your timetable later, you can choose which Teacher takes which particular lessons. Add another Teacher for the Subject in the same way.

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The first teacher added to the subject will be the default teacher and will appear when subjects are added to the timetable. If you wish to change this, tap on default teacher and select from the list.

Keep adding your subjects until your list is complete.

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The list will be in alphabetical order, and you can scroll down to see more if your list is long. Tap on any Subject to edit its details.

Next, create your timetables!