Initial Setup 03 - Create Timetables

Tap ‘add new timetable’, then select ‘Create new’ , give the timetable a name, and tap done.

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Create the Day Structure

The first guide timeslot shown is 8-9am. Swipe up or down to change the time of the slot. Guide timeslots are always an hour until you create them, then you can change the start and end time.

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When you’ve put the guide timeslot to the right time, tap to create it. It will turn blue, and the next guide timeslot will appear before or after it.

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To change the start or end time either use the resizing controls (the blue circle at the top and bottom) or tap for Actions and choose Edit start or finish time.

If you added the timeslot in error, you can delete it from the "Actions" list.

Don’t tap Completed Day Structure until you aree happy that all the timeslots have been added!

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Add more timeslots until your usual day is complete. You can leave gaps between timeslots if you wish, e.g. for lunch or breaks. Timeslots cannot overlap, but you can tap on any timeslot at any time to change its start or end time, so if you want to make a timeslot begin earlier, but thatoverlaps another previous slot, then first make the previous timeslot end earlier before changing the other’s start time.

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When the Day Structure is complete, tap Actions then Competed Day Structure.

Apply Day Structure to Weekdays

Select which days of the week to apply the times to - don’t worry if some days are different, you can change any individual days of the week later.

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Monday to Friday are selected by default – tap a day to select or deselect. Tap Done when you’re finished!

Next, add subjects to your timetables!