Using Akademia - Timetable Tab

On opening the app after set-up, you’ll first see the Timetable tab on today’s date (or the last viewed date). You will also be able to tap other tabs for Subject, To-Do List and More

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Swipe left or right to see the next or previous days.

‘Two finger’ Swipe left or right to see the next or previous weeks.

Choose a date to view from the calendar picker (top left).

Swipe up or down to see later or earlier times.

Adding a Lesson Review

Tap a lesson in the timetable to add a review once the lesson is finished. Add a lesson title and notes if you wish.

Rate your understanding of the lesson using one of the smiley faces (no-one else sees thiis – it is just so you can easily spot lessons that you may want to ask for more help with).

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You can also add homework assignments.

Tap Back when you’ve finished your lesson review to return to the timetable screen. You can edit the review later if you wish.

Adding a Homework Assignment

In the Lesson review screen, tap Add an Assignment.

Add a title and notes for the assignment.

Set the deadline (due-in date).

Set the reminder period (Akademia will remind you in advance of the due in date if you want).

Tap Done to finish and return to the Lesson review screen

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Multiple assignments may be added, and any assignment can be edited once entered.

Adding new ‘one-off’ Items to Your Timetable

Tap the + button in the top right of the timetable to add a new ‘one –off’event to your timetable, or to set yourself a Task.

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A Task does not appear in your timetable, but is a reminder and will appear in your to-do list).

Add a title and notes for the Task.

Set the deadline (due date).

Set the reminder period (akademia will remind you in advance of the due date if you want).

A new ‘one off’, ad-hoc event can be a Lesson, Study period, Exam or Other Appointment. These will overwrite what is in your timetable and allow you to make an alteration if an unforeseen event occurs, without changing your whole timetable.

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For any of these you must add a Title, date, start and end time, and you may add location and notes.

For lessons you must add a subject, and may add a teacher.

For study periods, you must either choose from the list of your Subjects or choose No Subject for a general Study period.

Tap Done when finished, and the ‘one –off’ event will show in the timetable. You can tap to edit it. If it is a ‘one off’ lesson you will also be able to add a lesson review and add assignments as with normal lessons.

To-Do Today

The ‘To-Do line at the top of the timetable will show if you have any assignments or tasks due today, or is you have advance reminders today for assignments or tasks.

Pull down the ‘To-Do’ line to see details.

Tasks and Assignments are broken down by those due today and those whose advance reminder is today.

Tap on any Task or Assignment to view its details.

Assignments have a start button. Tap this when you start the assignment and it becomes a Finish button. Tap when you finish and it becomes a submit button. Tapping submit completes the assignment and removes it from the list.

Tasks have a Done button which, when tapped, removes it from the list.

Push the ‘To-Do’ line back up to see the timetable.